Chad Kroeger of Nickelback Cancels Tour

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback Cancels Tour

Due to a medical emergency, Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Canadian post-grunge rock band Nickelback, has been forced to cancel all remaining dates of the group’s 2015 North American tour. Doctors have diagnosed a cyst on Kroeger’s vocal chords. Fortunately for Kroeger, the cyst is operable. The singer will undergo surgery in three weeks to remove it. However, unfortunately for fans of Nickelback, the singer has been ordered to rest his voice for a significant amount of time in order for his vocal box to fully recover from the operation. Ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

“I am sorry I have to interrupt the party this summer and I am definitely not thrilled with the prospect of being silent for many weeks to come when I could be out there playing for our fans” Kroeger said in a statement to the public. “I am relying on my doctor and his team to help get my voice back in good form as quickly as possible.”

Kroeger’s medical team anticipates a full recovery, and if all goes according to expectation, Nickelback’s No Fixed Address Tour will resume with its previously scheduled run in Europe. The band is slated to begin with a show in Helsinki, Finland on September 30 this year, perform throughout Europe, and then return to North America in 2016. The group published a video on Twitter to express their regrets about the setback.

Nickelback first came together as a musical act in 1995 in Alberta, Canada. They are one of the most commercially successful acts to come out of Canada, ever. How many young people today remember owning a Nickelback album during their misguided adolescences? Probably a lot: the group has sold more than 50 million albums internationally, and Billboard always gives them very positive rankings. The band’s musical style has not evolved much over the years. The description of their genre has gone from grunge to post-grunge with the changing of the millennium and the retiring of 1990’s styles into history books. Their style can also be described as hard rock or alternative rock. Some fans are reported to like the music because it speaks to the “lowest common denominator” of human emotion.

At the same time, the band has received criticism from more discerning reviewers for over-using topics like sex, strippers and prostitutes. They have also been criticized for producing music that is “derivite”. This complaint is in reference to the fact that Nickelback very often sticks to the same formula when writing new music. They are repetitive rather than innovative.

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