The Chainsmokers: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)

The Chainsmokers: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)

The Chainsmokers: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)

Not too long ago, we brought you part one of this list of interesting facts about The Chainsmokers, the NYC based electronic duo. Born in the ’80s, these two rose to fame with a hit single and have continued to grow in popularity. Here’s part two of our list.

Number Eight: If They Wrote a Biography

They were asked in an interview what they would call their biography and who they’d want it to be by. Their response was “Rent in NYC is Expensive” by Brett Easton Ellis.

Number Seven: Crazy Fans

There was a time that a very dedicated fan did something crazy. While the duo was performing on stage, the girl was shaving her head in the audience and throwing the hair onto the stage at them. They described this event as “very strange but endearing”.

Number Six: They Want to Create a Specific Vibe

When they make their tracks, they have a specific goal in mind. This is to make something that “captures a sort of picturesque moment, whatever it may be”.

Number Five: The Chainsmokers Have Travel Aspirations

When asked where they’d like to travel if given the chance, they had some responses ready. Among their list were Japan, Hawaii, East Europe, and Iceland.

Number Four: Where They Want to Settle Down

If given a choice, they would want to settle down in either New York City or Los Angeles. The earth quake risk factor makes them lean more toward NYC, however.

Number Three: First Concerts and First CDs

The Chainsmokers were asked in an interview if they remembered their first ever concert, and the first CD they ever owned. Their first concerts were Billy Joel (Alex), and 311 (Andrew). Their first CDs were Snoop Dogg (Alex) and The Offspring (Andrew).

Number Two: The Grungiest Venue Ever

The grungiest place they ever had a show was SAE Space party at South Dakota State. They claim that the part was mental, filthy, and sweaty, but awesome.

Number One: They Started on Soundcloud

Although this website helped them build their career and get to where they are today, they’ll soon be leaving the platform due to disagreements about terms. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about The Chainsmokers.

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