Who are the Chainsmokers and 3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Them

Who are the Chainsmokers and 3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Them

The Chainsmokers: 15 Cool Facts (Part 1)


Did someone say the Chainsmokers? Okay, but first… Let me take a selfie.

New York made, the well-liked electronic pop power duo from The Chainsmokers, comprised of Andrew Taggart [26] and Alex Pall [31], has been playing at nearly every music festival and sold out concerts in the United States, as well as internationally across the globe. Let’s be honest, you probably cringed hearing their song “#Selfie” play for what seemed like the tenth time on the radio, but you also couldn’t deny singing along to it’s mocking of modern-day narcissism. Since debuting the song in 2014, they quickly climbed their way to the top and secured a tight spot on the Billboard music charts. The Chainsmokers have been coming out with tunes like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” making you want to just sing and dance with you friends all night long. The success-driven duo has performed at some of America’s most popular music festivals, such as this year’s Ultra in Miami, Florida, Coachella in Indio, California, Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, Nevada, and Paradiso in George, Washington.

So why should you listen to their music?

1) Okay… So this has nothing to do with your ears, but they are EXTREMELY attractive. Perfectly placed facial hair, handsome smiles, and just about everything else. AND they’re a duo. Two is always better than one, am I right?

2) The Chainsmokers are the ones to watch in the electronic dance music world. 2015-2016 has been a successful window of time for the duo with their releases of new, original tracks. They haven’t seemed to disappoint their fans with their most recent songs.

3) Their sets are the place to be. Everything from production to lighting to the sound of their music will guarantee to have you waving your hands in the hair like you just don’t care in the middle of a sweaty, hot crowd. Yum!

We’re excited to see just how much The Chainsmokers will take over the world with their pop beats and electronic feels. So next time you see them live, don’t forget to take a selfie!

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