Chance the Rapper Reinvents Cheesy Arthur Theme Song

Chance the Rapper Reinvents Cheesy Arthur Theme Song

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In preparation for his set at Lollapalooza in his hometown of Chicago, Chance the Rapper put out a very unexpected cover of the Arthur theme song titled “Wonderful Everyday: Arthur”. Yes, Arthur, as in the lovable 6-year old aardvark cartoon you watched on PBS growing up. The rapper has made a habit of performing the Arthur theme song at his live shows, and debuted the cover during his set at the Sasquatch! Music Festival in May (watch his performance here).

The original intro to the cartoon, “Believe in Yourself” by Ziggy Marley is a cheesy reggae tune, appropriate for the kids TV show, that exclaims “what a wonderful kind of day/if we could learn to work and play/ and get along with each other.” (Listen to the original theme song here.) Chance’s reinterpretation is equally cheesy, but admittedly more majestic with lion king vibes, electronic chords and beating drums. The song is also heavy on features. It includes vocal features from Wyclef Jean, Francis & The Lights, Jessie Ware, Elle Varner, Eryn Allen Kane, The O’my’s, Peter Cottontale, and Donnie Trumpet, as well as production from Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, Donnie Trumpet, and Stix for The Social Experiment. Asked about his work with rising artists like James Blake and Jessie Ware, Chance says: “It’s not about how you release it,” he said. “It’s about making sure it’s dope content. I’m soaking in their energy. These are seasoned, awesome eclectic artists that know a lot that I don’t know. Working with them and getting to see their process is making me a lot better.”

Listen to Chance’s “Wonderful Everyday” here. You can also grab a free download of the cover on the rapper’s Soundcloud page. Chance will likely be performing the Everyday Wonderful cover this weekend at Lollapalooza. For more news on Ziggy Marley, keep an eye out for FDRMXs coverage of Ziggy’s Fly Rasta concert in New York, coming soon.

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