Channel-Surf Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone

Channel-Surf Bob Dylan’s Interactive Video for “Like A Rolling Stone”

Channel-Surf Bob Dylan's Interactive Video for 'Like A Rolling Stone'Photo Courtesy of Pulse Films

Bob Dylan‘s legendary song Like A Rolling Stone‘ has been reinvented (via Pulse Films‘ production team), almost 50 years after its original release, as an interactive video that allows you to ‘channel-surf’, so to speak. The music video utilizes new technology developed by Interlude a media production company that creates interactive videos– showcasing an innovative new breed of music videos.

The video allows viewers to flip through 16 different ‘TV’ channels, all of which feature the actors lip-syncing the iconic lyrics to ‘Like A Rolling Stone’. The channels range from classic QVC-shopping channel, a ‘Music 1 Bass’ channel featuring rapper Danny Brown, a ‘BCC News’, a kids cartoon show, a sports channel, a ‘Price Is Right’ show hosted by none other than Drew Carey, and many more. The only footage of Bob Dylan himself is the ‘Music 1 Classics’ channel showing a vintage black and white performance from the late 1970s.

The video will play out uniquely for each viewer, so that “no two people will engage with the video in the same way twice.” The key word here is engage-few other music videos offer viewers the ability to channel-surf to create their own experience. The interactive technology takes the 1965 classic and reinvents it with footage from the digital age. Clips of  TV personalities singing Dylan’s create a mind-bending familiarity, and make the video difficult to forget. The lip-syncing channels are eerie in a way, and the song continues on while the lip-syncers never stutter or halt between channels. It’s easy to imagine  the lyrics taking on a new meaning for each show. One can easily picture the radio show host and guest arguing on the WTFC channel, or Drew Carey delivering some odd message on materialism via the Price Is Right, as the lyrics “better take your diamond ring/ you’d better pawn it babe” play on. Each viewer can take what they will from the video, which is what makes it a truly unique music experience.

Watch the interactive video here, and channel-surf to your heart’s content.

So…to quote Dylan, “how does it feel”? Well, it feels both eerie and insanely cool.

In related news, you can also view never-seen concert footage of rock icons like Dylan via applications like Music Vault. It seems like the classics will continue to be revived and reinvented through music-videos

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