Charges Lead to J-Swift's Possible Deportation

Charges Lead to J-Swift’s Possible Deportation

Courtesy of John Barnes III via

Courtesy of John Barnes III via

J-Swift, producer for The Pharcyde, The Wascals, and other Delicious Vinyl Label groups, is facing the possibility of deportation. Swift, who was born in Spain but moved to the U.S. when he was two, is being ordered to return to his native country after playing a Vancouver show with his former Pharcyde band mates in mid January. While his work visa seemed in order upon entering Canada, it was when he was in the process of returning home that U.S. customs authorities denied him entry. J-Swift was originally faced with the possibility of deportation in 2007 after struggling with bouts of drug and alcohol abuse. His children pleaded on his behalf, convincing a judge to let him stay as long as he stayed clean.

In 2012, after Swift was arrested for possession, a new set of deportation proceedings began. Judge Anna Ho ruled in favor of his deportation, prompting him to file an appeal before leaving for the Bizarre Ride European Tour. Swift had not realized that terms of his appeal included he remain on U.S. soil, and neither did U.S. customs authorities. He was let into the country without conflict and continued to reside in the U.S., until now.

Originally, Swift was allowed temporary stay at a friend’s home, but after showing up late for a court-mandated appearance, he was detained and held in a Canadian prison. Swift has until March 26th to reenter the U.S. or Canadian officials will be forced to send him to Madrid. Duncan Miller, a U.S. immigration attorney, states that J-Swift “unfortunately drew one of the toughest immigration judges.” While Swift’s attorney believes he should be allowed back in the U.S. to continue living with his wife and kids, so far each of his attempts to return have been denied.

In the meantime, Shauna Garr, director of 1 More Hit, and Delicious Vinyl owner, Mike Ross, are giving him as much financial assistance as they can. Garr is helping raise funds for J-Swift’s appeal and Ross is paying for his attorneys. Aside from Garr and Ross’ contributions, a GoFundMe has been started for him, though it has only raised thirty-five dollars thus far.

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