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Check Out How Steve Irwin’s Daughter Is Keeping Her Father’s Legacy Alive

Check Out How Steve Irwin’s Daughter Is Keeping Her Father’s Legacy Alive

How many of us could ever forget the famously brave Steve Irwin also known as “The Crocodile Hunter”. Irwin was known for his wild enthusiasm for Australian wildlife. He was the star of his own show called The Crocodile Hunter series and everyone loved him! Then tragedy struck and ever since then his legacy has been living on in the most amazing way…

20. Steve Irwin

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Steve Irwin was everybody’s favorite wildlife enthusiast. He was incredibly brave and never faced away from a challenge. His dangerous encounters with animals is what made him so famous.

19. Crazy Antics

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Irwin was known for getting into crazy antics with some of the world’s most dangerous reptiles. These includes crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and spiders! There was no challenge that was too big for this man.

18. Marriage

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In 1991, Irwin met American-born Terri Raines, who was visiting Australia on vacation. The two fell in love and got married and spent a majority of their honeymoon filming crocodiles. This footage is what got picked up by the American cable network Animal Planet.

17. Popular Show

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The show was incredibly popular and Steve Irwin’s personality and lively nature was contagious. Everyone looked forward to watching him on TV. He even had his own catchphrase: “Crikey!”

16. Tragedy

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For years, Steve spent time around some of the world’s most deadliest animals. Then one day, tragedy struck when he was snorkeling off the coast of Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia. He met with an animal that brought him to his demise.

15. Stingray

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During his snorkeling session, Steve was met by a stingray. The stingray pierced Steve through the chest and hit him right through the heart. He died from cardiac arrest…

14. His Children

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Although his death was tragic and many mourned his loss, especially his wife and children, his legacy is still continuing to live on. His now 17-year-old daughter, Bindi Irwin, has been working hard to keep her father’s legacy alive in the most amazing way.

13. Finishing School

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Bindi is now finishing up school where she has been studying Business and Tourism. Once she finishes her studies she plans to work full time at the Australia Zoo. Her father’s role in her life has impacted her future choices a lot…

12. Social Media

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Bindi’s Instagram account, which boasts over 220,000 followers, is a clear indication of just how much her father has influenced her. By just taking a look at the photos she takes you can get a clear idea of how she plans to continue to keep her father’s dream alive.

11. Online Interview

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In an interview with Online Bindi Irwin said, “With dad, he was the ultimate wildlife warrior and we admired him more than anything. I do remember he gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me forever. He said, ‘You have to treat animals the way you wish to be treated.’ Which is so true.”

10. All Grown Up

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Bindi is truly all grown-up and she has been taking her father’s advice to heart. Whenever she interacts with the animals she makes sure to keep his words ringing in her head. Being at the zoo simply feels like home to her.

9. Second Home

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She says: “I have spent my entire life living in a zoo, which is pretty crazy. Not many kids get to say that.” At the zoo, Bindi goes out of her way to interact with some pretty interesting and wild creatures. She never seems to flinch or show fear!

8. Since Birth

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Bindi is truly no stranger to being around animals. Ever since the age of 2, Steve made sure that Bindi was around animals and that she felt safe around them. You might even remember seeing her on a wildlife documentary that she hosted called “Bindi the Jungle Girl.”

7. Zoo Life

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It took me until I was about three years old to realize that we didn’t just come to the zoo every day, that we actually lived here,” Bindi admitted. Her entire childhood Bindi was around animals and she will continue to follow in that tradition as the years go by.

6. The Secret

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So what is Bindi’s big secret to feeling so safe and assured while being in the midst of so many animals? “If you treat animals how you want to be treated, you’re a lot better off,” Bindi says. Wise words from such a young woman.

5. Love and Respect

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Bindi went on to explain how her father taught her a very valuable lesson in dealing with animals. She stated that it is always important to treat them with love and respect. It doesn’t matter if it is a crocodile or a dog…

4. Loving Them

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When [Irwin] was working with venomous snakes or cheetahs, he just treated them in a [certain] way. It was never trying to overpower them or anything like that. He was just loving them,” Bindi explained. “And he was teaching other people about how beautiful they are.”

3. Brilliant Thinking

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Telling people how to respect snakes and respect crocodiles and to love them,” Bindi started saying, “And I think if you go about it with that kind of attitude, it’s brilliant.”

2. Unpredictable

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You never knew what to expect and that’s what was so great about dad is every day was an adventure and he was just like you saw in all of those documentaries. That was dad!” Bindi explained. “You never knew what to expect and every day was fun and different.”

1. Looking Forward

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Bindi is looking forward to working full-time at the zoo. She hopes that through her work she can continue to inspire others in the same way that her father was able to.

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