Cheek Mountain Thief - Cheek Mountain (Official Music Video)

Cheek Mountain Thief – Cheek Mountain

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Iceland’s indie rock band Cheek Mountain Thief’s music video for “Cheek Mountain” is shrouded in mystery, combining both live shots and animation enhanced weather formations. A figure wrapped in a blue patterned cloth marches through the windblown desert tundra, past empty farms, abandoned houses, and lonely telephone poles. He is heading towards a distant mountain, which lies across an icy looking sea. We never see his face because the camera follows him from behind, or else shots him head on at a distance. Only towards the end of the music video does the camera get close enough to face to warrant blurring it out, along with the faces of the dozens of followers who have amassed behind him without our prior knowledge. Close ups of the man in his cloak are interchanged with with unblurred shots of a regal falcon, sitting nobly and looking out beyond the camera. The video fades out on the crowd of marchers as it ends triumphantly.

Directed By: Máni M. Sigfússon
Label: Full Time Hobby

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