Chewing Gum: Top 5 Brands For Any Occasion

Chewing Gum: Top 5 Brands For Any Occasion

Chewing Gum

Let’s face it. We’ve all been in multiple situations when having a piece of chewing gum meant life or death. Say you’re on a date with the guy/girl you’ve been crushing on since for two years, and your breath smells like a three-month-old California roll. You could possibly finesse your way through the ordeal and talk like your mouth is wired shut, but how long can you keep that up before your date thinks you’re trying to pull off your best impersonation of Kanye’s “Through The Wire?” What you really need, my friend is a life-saving piece of sweet, juicy gum. Below are five chewing gums you can nab for any occasion.

Number One: Ice Breakers Ice Cubes. Not only do Ice Cubes come in a convenient and portable canister, but they also defy the laws of gum by taking on the shape of a cube. Ice Cubes are sugar-free and pack a rock-solid flavorful punch that will make your mouth salivate with its long-lasting flavor. Plus, there are a variety of flavors to choose from.

Number Two: Wrigley Double Mint Chewing Gum

Wrigley Double Mint is an iconic brand many of you may already chew. Double Mint gum is no doubt an all-around durable gum for a quick refresh during a date or just something to satisfy the taste buds.

Number Three: Trident Layers. If you’re looking for unique flavor combinations, then look no further than Trident Layers. Flavor options include, but aren’t limited to, Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus, Green Apple + Golden Pineapple, and Sweet Cherry + Island Lime. These unique flavor combos hit us completely from left field, relative to the traditional flavors offered by most gum. Chew a piece when you’re in the mood for something sweet.

Number Four: Stride. The masterminds at Stride came up with the genius idea of being able to eat the gum wrapper instead of wasting valuable time disposing of it. If you’re ever in a time crunch and are concerned about speed, then this gum is for you. Skip the unwrapping, and go straight to the long-lasting flavor Stride provides. However, if you have the time, throwing the wrapper away in an appropriately labeled garbage can might not be such a bad idea either.

Number Five: 5 Wintermint. Wintermint Chewing Gum, by 5, is probably the coolest mint gum on the shelves right now, literally. The minty kick hits you instantly, and the flavor lingers in your mouth long after you’re done chewing. This gum is best for post-meal chewing, or if you have a habit of forgetting to brush your teeth.

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