China: 15 Facts About Asia's Most Interesting Country (Part 2)

China: 15 Facts About Asia’s Most Interesting Country (Part 2)

China: 15 Facts About Asia's Most Interesting Country (Part 2)

Recently we brought you part one of this list of facts about China, which covered some amazing facts related to the country’s extreme overpopulation and eccentric dining tastes. We are back now with part two.

Number Eight: Rent-A-Girlfriend

There’s a website that actually allows you to rent a woman for the week. It costs only $31 for seven days, an extremely low price for such a thing.

Number Seven: Astounding Reproduction Rates

If everyone in the country walked past you in a single file line, the procession would never end because of how many people already exist in the nation. Not to mention the fact of how fast Chinese people reproduce.

Number Six: China has Ghost Cities

The country wants to generate growth for their country and create jobs, so they keep these projects up. For this reason, there are entire places full of empty apartment complex buildings and businesses. That sounds a bit scary.

Number Five: The Last Indochinese Tiger

A Chinese man was arrested and sentenced to a prison term of 12 years because he ate the last Indochinese tiger in China. The man claimed that he killed the animal out of self-defense, but that makes the part about eating it seem kind of strange.

Number Four: Students Rarely Return

A lot of college students go overseas to college. 70 percent of these students never return to their home country, and the top choice for these relocating people is the United States.

Number Three: Some Stars are Banned

There are some famous people who are not allowed to visit China. Brad Pitt is one of these, because of his acting in the movie “Seven Year in Tibet”. Some of the others include David Thewlis (who also acted in the movie) and Jean-Jacques Annaud who directed the movie.

Number Two: Insanely Long Traffic Jams

I think everyone knows that China has a bit of a traffic problem, but aren’t aware of exactly how intense these can get. The longest one in history was over 60 miles long and lasted almost 11 days in August 2010.

Number One: Predictions for the Future

It has been estimated that by 2025, there will be at least 10 cities the same size as NYC. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about China.

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