Chris Brown and Tyga: 'Ayo' Single Review

Chris Brown and Tyga: ‘Ayo’ Single Review

Chris Brown and Tyga: ‘Ayo’ Single Review

It is the five-year reunion since the release of the successful mixtape, Fan of a Fan, that garnered the massive hit, “Deuces.” Chris Brown and Tyga reunite once again on uptempo “Ayo,” from the mixtape, Fan of a Fan 2. In due time, this single blew up on the radio like “Deuces.”

Chris Brown achieves as usual, vocally giving off his cocky, showy persona, which benefits this track in a huge way. It’s especially noticeable during his verse, “I’m in a Rolls, you don’t roll right / my chain shine brighter than a strobe light.” Tyga also manages to stand out on the record, bringing cohesive ingredients of a smash hit. Tyga’s best moment, “I’m the black Richie Rich with the roof missing / If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense / Z, wake up like I gotta get it.” Both artists are transferring something substantial to the song, creating even more excitement for the listener.

The subject of money, girls, and cars is nothing innovative, but it works nonetheless. However, this go-around, the production by Nic Nac makes it easy to forget the tiresome subject matter. But the hook makes this song even more worthy for domination: “We poppin’ like ayo / all my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down / screaming like ayo / I’mma take her ass down / when she bring her friend around / poppin’ booty like ayo.” Soon enough, the hook will be on the top of the tongue like the most-searched person in 2014, Kim Kardashian.

As a first single, urban radio pushed it to number one status in a matter of weeks. It is catchy enough to hit the replay button continually. The production by Nic Nac is predictable, but sufficient for the song’s message. Chris Brown performs an excellent vocal, but Tyga steals the show with a surprisingly substantial verse. “Ayo” is a good song, and an entirely different direction from previous lead single “Deuces” from the Fan of a Fan, which shows some versatility by the two artists. Winter’s cold breeze is over because of this incredibly hot single.

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