Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar: 'Autumn Leaves' Single Review

Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar: ‘Autumn Leaves’ Single Review

Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar: ‘Autumn Leaves’ Single Review

Chris Brown is mellow in his single, “Autumn  Leaves,” falling in a disturbing collision “to what is left” in this heartbreaking ballad. Brown ensures hope for a future renewed and refreshed; for a better chance to stop the troubling discouragement from progressing its impairment on his soul. Illustrating the song with such a meaningful rawness makes it strangely comfortable to correlate with the hauntingly classic melody. Producers Bam & Roccstar echo the lyrics, creating a grand background for the record and working exceptionally sonically.

Since the time progressed toward more turmoil, Brown sings from the intensities of his soul: “I feel safer in your violence” and “I’ve been bleeding in your silence.” Tired of the misunderstood mistreatment, Brown speaks to the highest: “Before I sleep / I  talk to God / He must be mad with me / It’s karma.” Remaining earnest in his vocal performance, he reveals inner layers through the vulnerable voice seeking peace from the raging unhealthy union.

God heard the genuine apology because an angel in the form of Kendrick Lamar, comes in to give hope and wisdom that is compellingly encouraging and empowering beyond belief. Lamar revealed an introspective viewpoint in the record by providing useful wordplay, which enhances the song as a cohesive dynamite of talent bursting at the seams, making for one the most beneficial collaboration in years. Poetically, Lamar never contributed a verse this authentic on a feature, ” When you make mistakes the most, the most / One day it’ll make you grow, you grow / When you outlandish and you lose manners / To God you shall consult, consult.” Without a doubt, a return listen is necessary to discern the lesson in the magnetically heartbreaking lyrics. 

Chris Brown shares his pain in a broken reality, ultimately, coming to declare the strike to the core of the heart by an assassin named Love, who leaves no prisoners. Possibly, the best song Brown ever recorded is “Autumn  Leaves,” possessing a titanic moving emotional ride through all the phases of losing vision because of visibly dangerous love. Nevertheless, gone for good are the sick leaves, leaving a chance for renewing faith in an unfiltered uplifting love. Honestly, something like this record does not come around every day, and for that, it deserves the crown.

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