Chris Brown ft. Tyga & Fat Trel: 'Lights Out' Single Review

Chris Brown ft. Tyga & Fat Trel: ‘Lights Out’ Single Review

Chris Brown ft. Tyga & Fat Trel: ‘Lights Out’ Single Review

Fan of a Fan: The Album was a monumental album from Chris Brown and Tyga, and I respectfully applaud their astounding performance on this album. However, I feel like “Lights Out” is the only song on the album that is different with excellent uniqueness. The entire album sounds like it was handed to one producer, the alikeness of almost every song deprives us of the variety element on the album. “Lights Out” gives us that much craved different sound on the album. I use the words “much craved” because it comes as track 9 and 8 similar sounds in truth birth a craving for a difference.

“Lights Out” features Fat Trel, a rapper I got to know of recently and has so far been nothing but impressive. Disregarding the other aspects that make this song great, the guest artist on it alone shows you how different this song ought to be. The placement of the artists and their parts on this song is also splendid. First of all Chris Brown is back in his very comfortable zone where he is the reigning king, Chris Brown sings on this song. And I mean he “sings.” We see the “RnB Chris Brown” on “Lights Out” and not the “Hip Hop Chris Brown” that dominated the Fan of a Fan album. An exceedingly pleasant sound is what you will be hearing when Chris Brown is singing on this song.

Secondly, when “Lights Out” starts, a musical harmony by female vocalist with a very familiar voice is heard and it progresses for a few seconds until the beat and instrumental come in. The musical harmony predicts a repeated sound in the instrumental that plays throughout the song. The beat and instrumental play for a while as though to give you decent time to get drowned in the song, and get drenched in its slow-pleasurable sound. Chris Brown at this point sets off with soft captivating singing which is beautifully done. Chris Brown is bringing “it” back on “Lights Out.” It’s been gone for a while it sounds utterly gratifying hearing it again. The bedroom concept of this song and Chris Brown’s singing are a formidable pair which are every bit the everlasting bondage created between an artist and a song.

Given the concept and Chris Brown as the artist behind the concept, the lyrics are expected to be exactly right and this is what you get. “Girl just come home with me / You in the passenger side when I’m driving,” Chris Brown sets off on a mission to charm this girl into going home with him. Softly sang like he means it. And if the passenger seat in Chris Brown’s car in not enticing enough, maybe what he is about to do to her will convince her. He continues to sing “Girl you kissing all on me / Licking my neck when my hand is on your thigh,” the vivid description of what is about to go down is intriguing. Chris Brown gets bedroom nasty on this song and it is effortlessly great. On “Lights Out” Chris Brown sings about doing “it” all night, playing your position, being on all fours and getting “it” again in the morning. All of these are the things we love to hear being talked about in a bedroom song and Chris Brown delivers super impressively.

Finally, the rappers Tyga and Fat Trel come in after Chris Brown’s second verse to execute their well written verses. It’s hard to tell who had a better verse of the two, these gentlemen both put up unequalled performances. The most exciting one for me was Fat Trel’s verse because I discovered him recently and he has been impressive ever since. The two rappers in their verses also vividly describe the bedroom scene and from their lyrics and delivery, they do paint quite a picture.

“Lights Out” is a well-crafted song. All the components of the song are in the correct amount, the artists don’t hold back. This song should find its way to your bedroom playlist, it comes highly recommended and it’s meets all the touchstones. You can always thank these artists later once the song has assisted in inspiring a romantic climate wherever you choose to call upon its spelling awesomeness.

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