Chris Brown: 'Liquor' Single Review

Chris Brown: ‘Liquor’ Single Review

Chris Brown has had a lot going on for him and he finally seems like he has his life under control. This is always exciting for the fans as it means he now has time to not only concentrate on his little girl “Royalty” but he also has time to hit the studio and give us new music. True to this assumption, he had a single out and it’s titled “Liquor,” and as a Breezy aspect this song is everything you’d expect from Chris Brown. “Liquor” follows a tremendous chain of other impressive singles that he has released since his recent album “X.”

“Liquor” is another one of those calm Chris Brown songs where it’s not about the dancing, the head bumping, the club jumping or anything like that. It’s about the voice, the melody, the message in the lyrics and above all it’s about presentation. And he scores mighty high points for all the above aspects.

“There is something in this liquor / the air is getting thicker,” that’s Chris Brown complaining and he later asks her what she did to him before he admits to having too much to drink. The scenario portrayed here is one that many are not strangers to. The power of that liquor will have people ending up in the wrong beds with strange bodies lying next to them. The liquor has Chris Brown only wanting to drink and make love and he only wants her. The feelings that come with all the liquor are feeling he can’t help and you’ll hear him talking about this as well.

His voice takes the lead here and it’s a lovely sound as always is. The song maintains the same serene flow and melody from start to end. The highlights are the background vocals that Chris Brown does, the chorus that gives you a lot to look forward to and later sing along to and also the general composition and flow of the song. That falsetto effect is displayed on this song and I think it has now become a Chris Brown norm that we all must love. It’s a Breezy thing that is always impeccably timed within the song and if you have been a Chris Brown fan for a while now, you can almost anticipate it before he lays it on.

Chris Brown continues to remain one of the most influential artists in the RnB genre and this keeps things exciting as competition does not sleep when you have such a significant threat. “Liquor” is a beautiful song from him that will be perfect for your weekend or relaxation Friday playlist. It is sedately laid back thus the relaxation effect is quite obviously and immediately felt.

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