Chris Brown Named Suspect in Battery Incident

Chris Brown Named Suspect in Battery Incident

Chris Brown was in Las Vegas over the weekend for Fight Week. According to a Las Vegas police report, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao weren’t the only ones fighting in Las Vegas. Brown has been named as a suspect in a battery incident that reportedly occurred earlier this morning. The R&B singer and several others were playing basketball at the Palms Casino Resort when the alleged incident occurred. A man told the authorities that he was physically assaulted by Brown, after the two got into a verbal dispute on the basketball court.

The male victim was struck by Brown, and when the victim tried to defend himself, he was “hit by another male reportedly with Brown,” the Las Vegas Police Department statement revealed. “Mr. Brown has been given the option of signing a citation for misdemeanor battery, or having the case submitted to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution,” the department stated. Brown has not responded to the authorities as of yet, and it is not clear if the singer will decide to sign the proposed citation.

Chris Brown was finally taken off of probation in March. The singer was on probation for six years, stemming from his assault against Rihanna. Brown was charged with making criminal threats and felony assault. He pled guilty to all of the charges, and he avoided jail time by accepting a plea deal that included completing community service duties. Even though the R&B singer said his troubles were all behind him, after completing his probation duties, it appears trouble seems to always find Brown.

Earlier this year, five people were shot and injured while Brown was performing at a birthday celebration. Although the shooting incident happened outside of the club the singer was performing at, the judge later provoked Brown’s probation because he didn’t receive permission to be in San Jose (CA).

Prior to this year, the singer was associated with another nightclub shooting. Brown was hosting a party during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, when an unknown assailant began shooting. Suge Knight and two other men were hit by the gunshots, and Knight and the other victims were rushed to a nearby hospital in Los Angeles. Even though Knight and the other victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries, the hip hop mogul is still having complications because of the shooting. Knight is on trial for murder, and he has been removed from court several times citing abdominal and chest pains.

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