Chris Brown: ‘Royalty’ Album Review

Chris Brown: ‘Royalty’ Album Review

Chris Brown finally dropped the delayed and long awaited album Royalty and the numbers are already in. It is currently sitting at Number three behind Justin Bieber’s Purpose and Adele’s 25 at number two and one respectively. Royalty is by far one of the most anticipated albums of the year as we’ve been looking forward to it due to the excitement the title arouses.

It’s therefore quite shocking that it didn’t debut at number one. In fact, Chris Brown isn’t too happy about the numbers, he took to Twitter to rant a little bit demanding for his respect as an entertainer. He was calling out the fake fans that wouldn’t buy his album even after he dropped the price to $4.99 to boost sales. But we cannot blame the fans for this one, I’d like to share the opinion of those that think that his mixtape “Before the Party” which bore 34 tracks kind of ruined the fun. He gave us 34 new tracks which by default lowered the anticipation for Loyalty and hence fans aren’t too eager to buy it.

Nevertheless, we look at Royalty as a whole and I think it is an incredible album. It is a well-prepared concept and well delivered too. He gives the fans something different and it is a sound that isn’t too familiar. You will notice that the album cuts across a number of genres, there is a bit of R&B fused with a funky old school feel on some songs and the entire composition sounds as original as it can get.

Royalty will give you a taste of the diversity that Chris Brown can create and deliver. He does not tie himself to one style on this album and it is quite shocking that the fans haven’t been too quick to catch up on its brilliant variety.

The album has 14 tracks and the deluxe bonus tracks are four. It is a great album although in my opinion the best tracks were the pre-released tracks prior to the album. Zero remains my favorite off the album and it is a track that I feel Chris Brown magnificently crafted and the performance in its video is another factor that makes it one of the most successful tracks off this album. “Liquor” and “Back to sleep” are also some of the pre-released songs and undoubtedly in the top five songs off this album.

All in all, Chris Brown has once again proven that he is a god at what he does. He has managed to release yet another magnificent piece of work and his most artistic one yet. The videos off the album are another thing you should look forward to as Chris Brown and his team have done an awesome job of telling one story throughout the videos. You will notice that the videos follow a story when you play them in their chronological order.

Despite the numbers being lower than Chris Brown had anticipated, being one of the greatest music minds of his time, I think he has nothing to worry about. He still remains one of the most played and sought after musicians in Entertainment. As long as Chris is on a track, its success is a guaranteed factor, a fact that sets him apart from his competition.

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