Chris Brown: ‘Zero’ Single Review

Chris Brown: ‘Zero’ Single Review

Chris Brown: 'Zero' Single Review

Chris Brown is a name that is on a new song at least every fortnight. He is a hit factory that never stops releasing hits that smash charts and rock worlds. “Zero” is another potential hit song in the lineage of the great songs he delivers. It is a pre-release from his latest album titled Loyalty. This should be exciting news for everyone who is aware that his daughter is named Royalty.

With “Zero,” Chris Brown has a new dedication for that ex who is still sticking around hoping that things could perhaps go back to the way they used to be. Especially one who left unceremoniously. The nerve to even think that things could be repaired after breaking a heart is exactly what Brown gives “zero” cares about.

“Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking of you / Zero Zero / Gave a hundred percent but all I got from you / Zero Zero…,” is what Chris Brown sings on the chorus. He thought she was the one, but she turned around and found someone better. They were great together according to him, and when she left, she left him completely devastated. He counted the days until she’d be back, but she never returned. She took her love elsewhere.

Now she’s missing what they used to have, she’s creeping on his Instagram after all that happened left him caught in the aftermath. Now the tables have turned, and he doesn’t think about her anymore. The situation changed; he was broke then, but now he is talking dollars and pounds. Plus, his new girl is the kind to brag about.

The high points of the song are too numerous to mention. The lyrics are satisfactory; they put the point across to that ex, and Chris Brown did an exceptional job with the delivery. The vocals are as glorious as always, and the falsetto makes a pleasant appearance on the last chorus. The song is funky, and it will get you grooving, especially if your answer to how many f**ks you give will be “Zero,” just like Chris Brown.

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