Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon Dance for Father's Day

Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon Dance for Father’s Day

Chris ChristiePhoto Courtesy of NBC

Just three days after his tight pants skit with Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon celebrated Father’s Day through a history of rather embarrassing dances. “The Belt Grabber”, “The Lawn Mower”, “The Passionate Elliptical”, and “Honk the Horn” were just a few of the cringe worthy dances acted out by the dancer. But just like all of his other dance routines, Fallon recruited a celebrity to help him deliver justice to all of the uncool dances. Who was his choice this time? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie’s appearance was an unexpected one, but not as unexpected as his willingness to make fun of some really serious issues. Near the end of the skit, Fallon mocked the infamous Bridgegate scandal by acting out a dance called “This Bridge is Closed”. To this, Christie feigned anger and stormed out but later returned smiling to finish up the dance routine. Also adding to the controversy were two back to back dances called the Republican Convention and the Democratic Convention. While the former was a very static and subtle dance the latter was a flailing contortion of moves that amusingly highlighted the difference between the two parties.

Christie followed up the dance with an interview with Fallon where the host complimented his dance partner as “a pretty good dancer”. Those in attendance applauded at the compliment despite Christie’s assurance that “No, I’m not”. Christie had made an appearance on The Tonight Show last year when he “slow jammed” the news of Christie’s special election for a vacant New Jersey Senate seat. The result was a sultry, Jazz filled song. Christie is rumored to run for President in 2016 under the GOP ticket but an announcement has yet to be made. Still, Fallon seems to be continuously fishing for Christie’s announcement, having asked him the question directly in 2013 and taking time in last night’s interview to apologize for previous Tonight Show jokes against the Governor. This was followed with a parade of compliments that included “I got to give respect to you for standing in the ring hit like that and staying in the ring… and you look great and it just speaks volumes for you… good for you for standing in the ring and standing up”. Me thinks the talk show host doth protest too much.

Check out the full video of the dance right here. And to all of you Dads out there: Enjoy your weekend and Happy Father’s Day!

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