Chris Hurn - Whatcha (Official Music Video)

Chris Hurn – Whatcha Got

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Monkey Records presents “Whatcha Got“, the first single from a major new songwriting talent – Chris Hurn.
In this infectious debut, Chris reminds us that despite all our day-to-day problems and worries, it’s important to appreciate the little things in life and that quite often “you just don’t know whatcha got”.
Inspired by the song’s indelibly upbeat nature and its unique musical cues, director Aaron Ly felt nothing was more fitting than the image of a lemonade stand in the middle of nowhere. The striking image and notion of a lemonade stand evoked his own memories of youthful ambition and endeavors, and felt others would immediately relate. “I wanted to revisit the feeling of working towards something not for the result, but for that anticipation and what that feeling carries. As we grow older we lose sight of that.”
The making of the ‘Whatcha Got’ music video was shot as quickly as it was conceived. Shot in Whiteman’s Valley, Upper Hutt ‘Whatcha Got’ was a no-budget production, shot over a couple afternoons with a small dedicated cast and crew of six.
The result is a whimsical and entertaining music video that disarmingly introduces Chris Hurn’s presence into the music scene.


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