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Chris Martin Named Curator of Global Festival

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Coldplay‘s Chris Martin will be the Global Citizen Festival curator for the next fifteen years. The goal at hand is to end global poverty by the year 2030, which was established by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The festival is just one of the seventeen goals on their list that will hopefully put an end to global poverty. Martin announced his new position at a restaurant in New York. The singer was joined by the Global Poverty Project CEO Hugh Evans, UN special advisor Amina J. Mohammed, and the festival’s Creative Director Richard Curtis.

Martin said he was wondering how it would be possible to make seventeen things famous, referring to the seventeen goals the United Nations has on their list. “At first I thought, how on earth do you make seventeen things famous? And then I thought, by making them as glamorous as possible, with very noticeable people,” the singer stated. He continued, “It’s not an easy number. But on another level, it’s remarkable that with 193 countries and seven billion people, we only have to do these seventeen things and life gets better for a lot of people.” Martin concluded, “As long as you ask Beyonce to say one of them and Kofi Annan [former UN secretary general] to say another one, it becomes something that kids talk about.”

The singer said Steve Stout, CEO of Translation, first told him about the Global Citizen Festival. Martin said he did not want people to think he was trying to compete with Bob Geldof‘s Live Aid or Bono’s RED charity, which share the same goal to end world poverty. “I spoke to Bob and said, ‘how can we help?’ Everyone has this togetherness vision, which sounds a little hippie at first just like Imagine does. But the more you think about it, the more it makes sense,” the singer explained. He added, “The reason we wanted to get involved with Global Citizens was because they include everybody, all NGOs [non-governmental organizations].”

Chris Martin role of the curator of the Global Citizen concert will begin on September 26th at New York’s Central Park. Global Citizen is currently working on its first concert of 2015, which will be their Earth Day concert on April 18th. The concert will be held in Washington, D.C., and the performers for that particular concert will be announced at a later date. The New York Global Citizen concert will feature performances by BeyonceJay-Z, Carrie UnderwoodAlicia Keys, and more.

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