Chris Robinson Addresses Former Bandmate's Rant

Chris Robinson Addresses Former Bandmate’s Rant

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Chris Robinson finally addressed his former bandmate and brother, Rich Robinson. Chris spoke with Billboard magazine about the recent drama surrounding the Black Crowes. A couple of weeks ago, Rich released a statement that criticized Chris for allegedly demanding a greater ownership stake in the band. Rich also claimed Chris wanted to make drummer Steve Gorman, one of the founding members of Black Crowes, a salaried employee. 

Chris told Billboard magazine that the Black Crowes‘ situation is “way more complicated than Rich’s public outburst.” Chris didn’t elaborate on why the situation is so complicated but he explained, “I’m going to keep my personal, private family business personal and private.” He added, “I’ll focus on all the other things that are important. The ideas, I think, are more important than the drama. I have too much stuff going on that’s progressive and positive to dig through sordid family history and stuff.” Chris also said he doesn’t feel the “tabloid” culture we live in is interesting, and he’s never dealt with private situations in a public forum in the past, and he’s not going to do that now. Chris does acknowledge that it’s sad and unfortunate that all of this negativity is overshadowing the Black Crowes’ 25th Anniversary. He said people should be discussing on the band’s music, and the good times the fans had at the Black Crowes’ concerts. 

Chris Robinson is now the frontman of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Chris stated that his new band is his future, “That’s really the only way I can put it. I think it’s been leading this way for a while that the CRB is really where we all want to be and really where we want to put our collective focus.” The band also includes former Black Crowes’ keyboardist Adam MacDougall. The Chris Robinson Band is currently doing shows, and they have a full extensive tour scheduling for this year. The band plans on releasing the second volume of their Betty’s Blends live album series in the spring. Chris said his current band will continue to perform the Black Crowes’ music at their shows, including their big hit “Hard to Handle.” Chris said the Chris Robinson Band does have its own identity, despite the fact that they perform the Black Crowes’ music. 

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