Chris Young: 'Lonely Eyes' Single Review

Chris Young: ‘Lonely Eyes’ Single Review

From country artist Chris Young comes the single, “Lonely Eyes,” from his album, A.M.  “Lonely Eyes” is a sweet narrative about Young hoping to be just what this girl at the bar needs in her life.

He sets the scene at a crowded bar, where his vision of a woman appears to him through a cloud of smoke that has just gotten a patron dismissed. Amidst “Catcalls and dirty jokes,” she decides to take a seat next to his, letting us know that she feels comfortable with him already. In the chorus, he offers that her “Lonely eyes / Don’t have to be alone tonight” if she would only notice him.

Through verse two, he informs us of the various things these lonely eyes are doing — “analyzing [her] glass of wine / Roll away a pick up line / Now and then they check [her] phone / Catch [his] then let ‘em go.” These majestic eyes, listeners finally learn, are “the perfect shade of green.” Young prays that the next time they make eye contact, he’ll have the courage that he’ll be able to appeal to her. After pleading with her in the bridge to not make him go home alone tonight, listeners can only hope for his sake that, by the end of it, he’s successful. If those were my lonely green eyes, he definitely would have been.

From start to finish, “Lonely Eyes” stands out amongst other currently popular country songs. Today, a lot of songs feel rushed, as if most songwriters and artists today are heavily focused on building a catchy chorus and bypassing everything else in order to get there. “Lonely Eyes,” however, paints a full picture, giving listeners plenty of information about what’s happening in this interaction. While the chorus certainly is catchy, Young doesn’t sacrifice details or verse time just to get back to it.

Additionally, Chris Young’s vocals shine on this track. His deep, throaty voice lends just the right amount of character to this catchy single. While a lot of artists today have adopted an overly-fabricated southern accent, this Tennessee native knows just how much is enough, which, in turn, makes the song a very enjoyable listening experience.

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