Christina Aguilera: 'Anywhere But Here' Single Review

Christina Aguilera: ‘Anywhere But Here’ Single Review

Christina Aguilera: 'Anywhere But Here' Single Review

In this music business, there are several factors that make an artist outstanding and highly appreciated by the audiences. However, of all these factors, a great voice is the most respected and the most powerful factor. This is a factor that is highly ascribed to the spectacular Christina Aguilera. The judge on NBC TV’s music talent show “The Voice” has made her mark in the industry and she owes this to her uniquely mighty vocals. When Christina sings, the world stops and listens. Her voice is so powerful it has aided her creation of music that will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Last year she presented “Anywhere But Here,” a ballad which is a soundtrack for a Broadway musical “Finding Neverland.” Christina Aguilera has been silent for a while, when she makes her return with such a glorious creation, it makes the wait worth it. She has never disappointed, even when she has not performed as expected, it is still way above average and earns a comfortable spot in our hearts and playlists.

A soft piano opens with a soothing melody that is shortly complimented by Christina’s calm voice. It is pure magic when her voice merges with the piano to produce a perfectly blended sound. The voice and piano flow in unison to create a magnificent lullaby sound that sends irrepressible chills down your spine. You get Goosebumps as the song plays and as it climaxes and intensifies, the Goosebumps get worse. This is how you know a song has sunk deep in your soul and has earned appreciation and acceptance from within.

Christina Aguilera’s voice has that irresistible attractiveness that not only compels you to listen, it spells your entire body to establish a connection with the message she conveys on “Anywhere But Here.” The piano and her voice have a fairy-tale kind of connection which is further graced and affirmed by an excellent orchestration that later joins this outstanding composition. The orchestration was the perfect addition to this breathtakingly created song. When Christina’s vocals escalate, the intensity is reflected in how intense the orchestration gets as well.

The lyrics are also another aspect of this song that make it every bit the fairy-tale soundtrack it is. “I just close my eyes and count to ten / breathing twice and all be bent / nowhere to go cause I’ve been there before / in my mind it is near I escape all I fear / so by closing my eyes I am anywhere but here,” Christina Sings. You can feel the potent purity in the words of the song. The words are put together in a way that is simple, poetic, artistic and cautiously chosen. These lyrics beautifully sang over that soft piano and orchestration by Christina Aguilera give you the most beautiful sound your ears will be treated to in a very long time.

What more can I say? Justice was served on “Anywhere But Here.” Christina Aguilera is still the musical goddess we have always known, loved and respected. She only gets better with time and, this time, she delivered a soundtrack that builds the highest level of anticipation for the production it is part of. This song can only be rightfully described by words like magical, enchanting and magnificent. It is all those words and many more can draw the purest form of perceptiveness of how amazing this song is.

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