Christina Aguilera Proves Eternity in ‘Shotgun’

Christina Aguilera Proves Eternity in ‘Shotgun’

Christina Aguilera can hit all crazy high notes in the world. However, it is not everyday that she showcases how vulnerable and sincere she can be in her songs. In “Shotgun,” another track off her stint in Nashville, Aguilera delivers a heartfelt country performance that shows there is eternity in terms of love. She left all vocal acrobatics aside, and creatively rendered a straightforward love song filled with raw emotions and pure intentions. If “The Real Thing” sounds good enough, then prepare to be blown away even more with “Shotgun.”

It is really fortunate that Aguilera did not abandon the country genre after her “Just A Fool” collaboration with Blake Shelton failed to make an impact. Thought it is appropriate to say that the song has all the elements of a hit single, “Just A Fool” did not go anywhere presumably because of the lack of proper exposure. On the contrary, “Shotgun” started off strong just because it follows the momentum Aguilera has created since the beginning of 2015. If geared with proper marketing and ample live performances, “Shotgun” alongside “The Real Thing” could signal the start of Aguilera’s return to musical influence to show younger singers how it is done.

Furthermore, “Shotgun” is a beautiful love song sang to masterful perfection. It has beautiful lyrics that talks about how forever works in ways beyond the comprehension of humanity. It is a song that proves eternity is not long enough with love that is true and selfless. Though completely difficult to define, love could just be anything that is spent with that someone who is so much willing to spend all thier days with another soul. In this light, a love song as strong as “Shotgun” should never go to waste. It must reach the toughest hearts so that it will feel how it means to love and be loved in return.

There are lots of precious ballads in Aguilera’s discography. Her first album, for one, has so many gems like “Love For All Seasons” and “Obvious.” Meanwhile, Stripped has “Loving Me 4 Me” and “Impossible.” Back to Basics, on the other hand, has “Save Me For Myself” while Bionic and Lotus is armed with “I Am” and “Blank Page.”

However, “Shotgun” is another milestone because it shows dimensions of Aguilera’s voice that she has not shown before. The extremely low registers show the depth of emotions that she has. At the same time, the tender runs are manifestations of the wide range that she restrains so that genuine emotions will emerge. Having said all these, “Shotgun” did not only show the eternal form of love in the most figurative sense, but it also shows the elements of forever in Aguilera’s contribution to music, in general.

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