Christina Aguilera Talks Acting, 'The Voice'

Christina Aguilera Talks Acting, ‘The Voice’

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

The Voice returns for season eight on Monday, and its original coach, Christina Aguilera, is back. Aguilera has not appeared as a coach on the show since season five, although she was a mentor for Gwen Stefani‘s team last season. “Mentoring was great, no pressure. I showed up, saw a good friend, and watched and guided her team for the day, and left,” Aguilera told The Hollywood Reporter (via Billboard). 

This season marks the first time the singer will work alongside Pharrell Williams, whose first season on The Voice was last year. “I have known Pharrell for a long time, but we never directly worked together before this, and I am really enjoying it,” the singer said. Aguilera also said she really loves working with Williams on the show, and she revealed the two are working on new music together. “Pharrell has an amazing sense of calm, he is so fluid and smooth in his delivery. He’s one of the most talented guys in the business,” Aguilera stated. The singer added, “I am really happy he joined The Voice family, and we are even working on a song together now.” 

During Aguilera’s absence, The Voice has made a few changes to the show’s format including implementing a wildcard card for eliminated contestants. “Since I have been with the show since day one, I can say that each time I come back I feel like there are more additions that just work,” the singer stated. She continued, “By season eight, we are a well-oiled machine. Taking time away, I didn’t watch the show and study it. But what the time away does do is let me step away and come back with a fresh perspective on things.” 

Christina Aguilera just signed on for a guest-starring role on ABC’s Nashville television show. The singer jokingly acknowledged that her fellow Voice coach, Blake Shelton, is known for using his country music credentials to get contestants to join his team. “Move over Blake, you may not be able to play that country card for long,” she said. It should be noted that Shelton’s team has won The Voice four times out of the seven seasons. Aguilera said that she hasn’t started shooting for Nashville yet, but she did reveal she will play a pop singer who desperately wants to be a country music artist. 

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