Chronixx - Capture Land (Official Music Video)

Chronixx – Capture Land

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Follow Rastafarian Chronixx as he raps his way through abandoned colonial buildings in the music video for “Capture Land” off of The Dread And Terrible Project. In this highly textured video, lense flares accentuate the sunny Jamaican environment that is contrasted with the derelict structures that remain behind on a land that was captured. With his dreadlocks hanging in his eyes, Chronixx raps about Africa as he makes his way through the town and down to the water where locals jump and dive into the ocean. Black and white shots interject the bright and color filled shots of the town and tropical jungle. The beauty of the dilapidated architecture stands in stark contrast to the lopsided bungalows in which the people of today actually inhabit. At the last moment in the video, our young rapper takes off parasailing from the side of a hill, with the luscious green jungle visible in the distance.

Chronixx Music/ Overstand Entertainment


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