Ciara at Club Nokia: Event Review

Ciara at Club Nokia: Event Review

I attended the Ciara concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles and this being my first time seeing her live show; I can confidently say, it won’t be my last. Ciara is back! It’s been five plus years since Ciara headlined her own tour, so the crowd in attendance was anxiously waiting for her to hit the stage. The crowd was as diverse as it gets; young, old, gay, straight, black, white, and everything in between; they all showed up to support the princess of R&B. I wasn’t sure of what to expect of the show but Ciara definitely exceeded any expectations I could have had.

Accompanied by a full band, three back up singers, and two dancers; Ciara opened up the show with “Jackie (B.M.F.)” from her newest album. She did a wonderful job of ricocheting from her older tracks to her newest material. The crowd responded best when hit with some of her older songs like, “Oh”, “1,2 Step” and “Promise”. The show effortlessly moved from an upbeat dance song like, “Get Up” to a slower R&B song like “Body Party”. The emotional peak of the show happened towards the end, when she performed Baby Future’ Lullaby and transitioned into “I Got You”. With Baby Future’s laugh playing in the background, the smile on Ciara’s face was contagious.

Ciara sprinkled a little bit of everything into the show; from the Michael Jackson inspired dance break, to the time she grabbed a guy from the audience and gave him a jaw-dropping lap dance. There was no lack of entertainment during the show. Ciara is a true performer and though her slower R&B songs were great; she truly shined when she was dancing on stage. Her dancing is what made her stand out when she first came into the music scene and her dancing is what keeps setting her apart from the rest of the artists out there today.

She’s a humbling performer; taking time out of the show for each person on stage with her. Band members got a solo, each back-up singer sang a song on their own, and each dancer got a dance solo. Ciara is very open about the fact that the show is only possible due to a group effort and the moments she took to let her support team shine is what made the show a memorable experience. I first fell in love with a relatable teenager that sang “Goodies”. Though the essence of that girl is still there, Ciara has proven that she has grown into a grown woman and a true performer.

The show had ambitions to be something bigger than what it was, the stage seemed too small for Ciara’s show. If you weren’t in the first couple of rows and with all of the phones in the air, I’m sure some of Ciara’s choreography was missed. With that being said, the show was truly enjoyable. From the throwback to “Goodies” to the cover of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”; Ciara put on a great show that you would be a fool to miss.

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