Ciara: 'Dance Like We're Making Love' Music Video Review

Ciara: ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ Music Video Review

Ciara: 'Dance Like We're Making Love' Music Video Review

R&B goddess Ciara is at it again with the release of the music video for her hit single “Dance Like We’re Making Love.” The music video begins with Ciara laying in a pool, clad in only a white crop top, black leotard, and vibrant gold sunglasses. She seductively sings to the camera before rising from the water on a golden silk ribbon. After a few seconds, she exits the pool and enters a mansion where the rest of the music video takes place.

As is expected by the title of the song, Ciara is incredibly sultry and sexy throughout the entire “Dance Like We’re Making Love” video. She looks stunning in every piece of clothing and lingerie that she wears, which is definitely one of the reasons that this video has become so popular online in such a short amount of time. Shockingly, Ciara strips down to her birthday suit at the end of the video as well. Furthermore, Ciara’s voice sounds incredibly smooth and near flawless on this track, making it one of my all-time favorite songs of hers. Ciara executes an outstanding harmony at the end of the record that ties up all of the song’s loose ends and sounds almost ethereal.

One of the only criticisms I have about this video is that Ciara’s dancing looked quite stiff throughout. Her solo hip-hop dancing was fairly good, but the movements she did with her male partner did not look fluid or smooth at all. Furthermore, an extremely large lion appears twice in the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” video for no apparent reason. If the director chose to implement the lion in this video to try and increase the dominant energy, I believe he made a huge mistake. The lion actually looks quite out of place and even distracts from the video’s storyline.

Overall, Ciara’s “Dance Like We’re Making Love” music video fits perfectly with the song and is quite well done. The single “Dance Like We’re Making Love” is available for purchase on iTunes as a part of Ciara’s sixth studio album, Jackie.

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