Ciara: 'I Bet' Single Review

Ciara: ‘I Bet’ Single Review

Ciara: ‘I Bet’ Single Review

Former princess of “Crunk & B” Ciara has had a difficult ride in this music industry. While she released some pretty big hits over the past ten years (“Goodies”, “Ride”, “Body Party”, “Promise”) and some underrated gems (“Got Me Good”, “Overdose”, “Heavy Rotation”), some people don’t think Ciara is where she should be when it comes to popularity and chart success. I’ve been a fan of Ciara since the era of “Goodies” and 1, 2 stepping with Missy Elliott, so I’m always rooting for her success and keeping up with her music. While selling records is important to maintain a career, don’t be too quick to overlook a solid discography and an amazing performer.

“I Bet” is the track from the R&B crooner and she’s letting the world know a little bit about what went on during her relationship with Future. From the scathing lyrics, “So you can keep that bitch ova there / giving’ me the ugly stare / the one with the silicone ass / and the Brazilian hair?” to co-writer Rock City’s ad-libs in the background that sound a lot like her ex-Future, it’s obvious that the break up really hurt Ciara. Nothing’s better than pouring your feelings out on a mid-tempo trap banger – gotta love music therapy. Ciara has definitely worked on improving her voice since her last album Ciara, and this track really showcases her improved sound. 

When I initially heard “I Bet” the first five times, I didn’t think it was first single material. The Harmony Samuels production is smooth, with a classic R&B sound and has an underlying beat similar to what’s hot right now, but it wasn’t the epic first single I was expecting. After a couple more spins, Ciara won me over. Ciara’s voice sounds so great on the track that it’s hard to play it just once. After a few more plays you start to realize why this track was chosen for the first single. The theme is universal, so many people, especially women, can relate to falling for someone that sold them a dream and it fell short. I can hear the hurt and emotions behind Ciara’s words and I love knowing that the artist I’m listening to is creating music that’s true to their life. The chorus is also key to the potential success of this track. It has the type of lyrics and flow that you can’t help but sing along to: “I bet you start loving me / as soon as I start loving someone else / somebody better than you.” Don’t count CiCi out just yet, I think she knows what she’s doing this era.

“I Bet” is a solid track and it has gained positive reactions from fans of Ciara’s past work. While it’s not the obvious first single, “I Bet” has the potential to do well on the charts and show doubters that Ciara is more than turn up tracks and nice singles. CiCi has had a history of releasing lack luster first singles and surprise-attacking us with something huge, so if “I Bet” isn’t your cup of tea, no worries, Ciara will come back even harder on the next single. I’m excited to hear more from her sixth album Jackie named after her mother. According to Ciara’s interview in L’Uomo Vogue, Jackie will be her most personal album yet, “It will be an authentic album, real. I talk openly and honestly about my emotions as a woman, mother, about my ambitions, but also my vulnerability, my happy moments and my sad moments.” I’ll definitely be looking out for Jackie in the spring.

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