Ciara: 'Jackie' Album Review

Ciara: ‘Jackie’ Album Review

Ciara: ‘Jackie’ Album Review

Ciara is officially back. I haven’t listened to anything from Ciara since her album The Evolution, and even then I think I only listened to the album once over and then put it aside. Well, Ciara released her latest album, Jackie, and when I listened to it I was instantly reminded of why I fell in love with Ciara back in 2004. You can tell that Ciara is back in her comfort zone with this album, some songs are very reminiscent of some of her earlier work and just like in her earlier work; she absolutely poured herself into this album.

The album’s opening track is “Jackie (B.M.F.)” and it sets the mood for the rest of the album. Ciara is heard spitting over a twerk-worthy beat that is bound to get anyone on the dance floor. The lyrics prepare you for what feels like a tell-all album, “If you’ve been through what I’ve been through, then you’d be popping this sh*t too”. Ciara reunites with Missy Elliott, and invites Pitbull to the party in “That’s How I’m Feelin” a song that is filled with a hopping tempo and fast paced lyrics from the three involved. The song is sure to become a feel-good party anthem.

Ciara takes a sensual turn in “Lullaby” and “Dance Like We’re Making Love”, which turns out will be the second single off of the album. The album takes a personal turn with “Fly”. The song is essentially a post-breakup, pre-empowerment song; “You should fly/ For the first time in a long time/ Just fly/ Let you go, let you go.”  The track “All Good” tends to carry more of a pop tune, as well as summery, drive-with-your-windows-down, kind of vibe.

This album was everything that I had been missing from Ciara’s music. She has found (or rediscovered) her sound and this album will be getting her back on top, in no time. It’s been a bumpy couple of years for Ciara, with albums that didn’t seem to be delivering, a break-up from fiancé, Future, and the complications that surrounded the release of Jackie. Well, it’s time to forget about all of that because Ciara is back and better than ever. This album will have you dancing, singing along, and crying at all the right moments, which is just what a true R&B album should do.

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