Ciara: 'Paint It, Black' Single Review

Ciara: ‘Paint It, Black’ Single Review

Ciara: 'Paint It, Black' Single Review
Ciara: 'Paint It, Black' Single Review

Ciara dances with darkness on “Paint It, Black,” the lead single from the motion picture The Last Witch Hunter. This single is a real treat, being one of the darkest places Ciara has ever musically ventured. The Rolling Stones should take note of this sexy, sultry, modern, and remarkable remake because it is truly stunning. Inside the intensely sinister track, its components of emptiness and ruination successfully transport her highness into gloomy turmoil that ends in soul searching. Ciara immediately prevails grown and refined on this committed remake.

Princess of Crunk Ciara is swimming in a sea of pure darkness when she sings, “I see your red door, I wanna paint it black / No colors anymore, I want them to turn black.” She continues on in a wicked tone, “I seen girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes / I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.” The “Body Party” singer’s vocal rendition is exceptionally telling, which propels the song into a moving force of evil, especially when she sings “It’s not easy facing ’em when your whole world is black.”

Producer Adrianne Gonzales combines pensive guitar riffs and dramatic violins masterfully. The cohesive lyrics provide the song with a murky and mysterious character. This may be an in for Ciara to continue producing darker music, as she is sure to paint her fans black in approval. To say the least, this single deserves an Ellen Degeneres-type of platform for to elevate it to commercial success.

As a single, “Paint It, Black,” is the richest, most enticing release of Ciara’s 11-year-long career. The brave and daring risk Ciara takes by taking a darker route leads to a thrilling excitement I hope will never stop. The emotions expressed in the song evoke captivity and represent the essence of dazzle prevailing on the track. Her disheartened character unites the verse’s cold ascent to advance the potential for this blockbuster to smash on the charts.

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