Circuit21 - Calling All Angels (Official Music Video)

Circuit21 – Calling All Angels

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Circuit21’s music video for “Calling All Angels” follows a young man to an exclusive fight club, after what might have been a fight with his girlfriend. Initially shot in black and white, with one item in the shot glowing brightly in color – in the first scene, the girlfriend’s eyes are a luminescent blue. At the club, the members gain entry once the doorman scans the side of their necks, where a previously invisible club logo glows bright orange under the scanner. Boxing commences, and Circuit21, aka Robert Brown, acts as referee with an eyepatch over his right eye. When he sings directly to the camera, his eyepatch glitters glamorously with purple and pink rhinestones. The young man gets punched out during the match, and as he’s sprawled out on the floor, his mind jumps to a scene of brilliant color; a tropical beach, where where Circuit21 is singing with no eyepatch, and where a young woman – perhaps an angel – gently shakes her head at him. The young man is revived and wakes to see his angel at the boxing match.

Robert Brown
Graeme Laverty
Martin Stalker


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