Clapway Talks About the Future of Advertising

Clapway Talks About the Future of Advertising

Clapway Talks About the Future of Advertising

The critically acclaimed series Mad Men, brought us firmly into the world of what advertising was like in 1960’s America. It was a world of creativity and lies. Manipulation and determination. What worked for the men on Madison Avenue back then set the foundation for what advertising would become for the future decades. The landscape has gotten a bit more complicated now. Technology has allowed advertising to be approached in a highly personalized and creative fashion. To shed light on this subject, PPcorn talked with Ivan Kv, Lead Manager of Media and Advertising operations at Clapway, about his thoughts on the future of advertising.

What Clapway’s Success Tells Us About The Future

Clapway, a source for quirky and informative articles tells us a lot about the global mind these days. As a site that specializes in science, technology space, and human interest, it shows that readers demand more intellect. Yes, cat pictures will always be popular on the internet, but the fact that Clapway is showing success suggests that science and technology are not just for nerds anymore. Clapway’s Ivan Kv thinks advertisers long ago have picked up on this and aim to use technology to their advantage.

Science-Fiction Becomes a Reality

We’ve all seen the science fiction predictions of the future. Talking houses, robot maids and flying cars. Many of the depictions also include advertising. Ivan Kv thinks these clever predictions are not that far off. He believes the increasing connectivity of devices and brands will play a major role in the future of advertising. Specific sets of data will be compiled according to each individual, setting up a shopping experience that will mold to unique interests. Using an example of push notifications, Ivan Kv states that we can see the early stages of these developments. These push notifications use specific GPS information to send customers content that is relevant to them. When utilized correctly, push notifications can coincide with a shoppers experience.

The Final Word With Ivan Kv

As exemplified by Clapway’s influx in wearable technology coverage, Ivan Kv agrees that this specific corner of technology will be big for advertisers. Imagine the possibility of data working hand in hand with our current physical and mental states. The wearable devices will be able to pick up on our moods and conditions, thus helping mold a unique environment for us. Personalized ads, music, and information will become common place as we walk to work, go out with friends or plan for vacation. Clapway believes that eventually wearable devices combined with this advertising will inevitably curate the entire world. Whether this is a remarkable step forward in the realm of technology or a collapse of the physical reality is still up for debate. Good or bad, one can certainly guarantee that the clutches of advertising will continue to work their ways somehow.

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