Clash of Clans Top 8 Single Player Easter Eggs

Clash of Clans Top 8 Single Player Easter Eggs

Clash of Clans Top 8 Single Player Easter Eggs

Clash of Clans has dominated the mobile gaming industry with their highly-addicting app. IF you are a fan of the game, we are here to reveal the very best Easter eggs that they have to offer! We would rather them produce more levels, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. Instead, here are the top eight Easter eggs for single player mode to pass the time!

Number Eight: Two Smoking Barrels

In the single player level titled Two Smoking Barrels, a unique and mysterious appearance takes place. In each corner of the map, there seems to be a letter: H, U, N, and T- or at least, that’s what most people believe it stands for. In the center of the map, the shapes of the base almost seem like they are making two C’s. No one has been able to debunk the secrets of this Easter egg, but it is speculated to mean Clash of Clans Hunt (maybe, like an Easter egg hunt?).

Number Seven: Gold Rush

The Gold Rush level doesn’t offer any special abilities, but it does offer a little landmark for players who have been playing since the game emerged. In the upper left of the map, among the normal trees, is a Christmas tree from the 2012 Christmas update. Remarkably, this is the oldest one available to view in the game.

Number Six: Full Frontal

If you feel like giving Full Frontal a run for its money, locate the four large boulders on the map. At each of these boulders, you can activate a special weapon. If you drop a troop onto one, any of all of them, a Pumpkin Bomb will appear to help you out. Although, the archers may get to them first.

Number Five: Obsidian Tower

When you approach the Obsidian Tower, you will notice a tombstone in the bottom of the screen. Some unlucky players have revealed that this is by far the worst location in the level to drop your barbarian. If he is dropped on top of the tombstone, it will awaken an absolutely ridiculous number of skeletons from the grave.

Number Four: Gobbotown

If you enter Gobbotown, you will see a unique Christmas tree in the far right hand corner of the screen. It almost fades in with the surrounding normal trees, so it is usually only notice by veteran players with a trained eye. In fact, veteran players might even recognize that it is not from the current version, but actually from the 2013 Christmas update. It is one of the more historical toss-ins to the collection of Easter eggs.

Number Three: Clash of clans – Goblin Picnic

This particular Easter egg is a great blast from the past versions of the game. Start at a goblin picnic: once there, locate the statue of Pekka. At the base of the statue, activate a jump spell and drop in your troops. By doing so, you will activate the present bomb to overcome all of the opposing forces.

Number Two: Natural Defense

Next, head on over to Natural Defense. Now, there should appear an unprotected gold storage on the lowest point on the screen. If you attack it, it will produce a series of hidden Teslas and Scumbags.

Number One: Rat Valley

Allocate the tombstone in the top right of the map in Rat Valley. Go ahead and place a troop next to it, and you will reveal the Pumpkin Bomb that was introduced in the Halloween update of 2013. Hope you enjoyed our right favorite single player Easter eggs in Clash of Clans!

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