Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 1)

Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 1)

iPhone: Top 10 Highest Grossing Games Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 1)

Clash of Clans has taken the gaming community by storm, and we have gotten the ultimate scoop for you. The gaming giant by the name of Supercell has designed the ultimate mobile gaming app with the most refined marketing techniques. Considered to be one of the most profitable apps in its category, Clash of Clans has certainly created a name for itself. Be sure to come back for our part two and part three articles, where we reveal the top 16 remaining facts that nobody will tell you about Clash of Clans!

Number Twenty-Three: The Gaming Giant. The company responsible for the creation of this trending game is Supercell, located originally in Finland. In addition to Clash of Clans, they are also responsible for two other popular apps: Hay Day and Boom Beach. In total, Supercell grossed an amazing $1.7 billion in 2014 alone.

Number Twenty-Two: The Ranks. Since its development in 2012, the app has taken off. It is estimated that this app earns about $1,141,815 each day; making it the second most profitable gaming app, right behind Game of War.

Number Twenty-One: The Value. In total, Supercell has attained a net worth of approximately $5.5 billion from its array of popular gaming apps. As of 2015, a poll has revealed that it is the second top-grossing mobile gaming apps.

Number Twenty: Market Research. Running a wildly successful game app isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap either. Supercell has reported to spend about $1 million per day on advertising costs alone.

Number Nineteen: Purely Addicting. Supercell has designed this game to be fun, but also purely addictive. They created quite a unique method of doing so, as well. To log off from the game brings consequences, such as leaving your base open to other players’ attack. This ingenious design encourages players to be involved in the game’s activities 24/7.

Number Eighteen: The Five-Account Player. Needless to say, some players have gotten carried away with the game. One player in particular, by the name of George Yao, got so into the game that he created five accounts to be monitored all day every day- on five different iPads. Even in the shower! He did this for six months, and no one knows how he was able to get any sleep during that time.

Number Seventeen: Jorge, the First. Another player, named Jorge, was the first of any to attain his 4,000th trophy. This gained him a renowned reputation and earned 79,000 followers on Twitter and 30,000 likes on Facebook.

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