Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 2)

Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 2)

Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 2)

You have enjoyed discovering the first seven facts they don’t tell you about Clash of Clans in our part one article, and now we have returned with part two! Read on to discover some interesting factoids and everything that makes this trending game such a successful development! Be sure to come back for part three, where we finally reveal the top eight facts you didn’t know about Clash of Clans that you have been waiting for!

Number Sixteen: Tyrael, on Top. In the line of other top players who have gotten wrapped up in this game, is player Tyrael. He insists on monitoring his well-armed bases more than 16 hours per day in order to avoid attacks from his rival clans.

Number Fifteen: The Strategy. Because Clash of Clans is a free app to play, you might be wondering how they accumulate such an impressive revenue. The real strategies to conquering the game, by no surprise, require in-app purchases and premium accounts.

Number Fourteen: A Solid Formula. In addition to not only making benefits available through in-app purchases, it is almost impossible to avoid them. To keep playing and ensure that your account remains active, the game requires a premium of $4.99, 500 years, or fifty invites to friends.

Number Thirteen: Panda, the Rich. Obviously, quite a few people have ended up dishing out a pretty penny for their addicting gaming habits. One player, by the name of Panda, has confessed to spending an amazing sum of $7,000 in order to build his Clash of Clans village.

Number Twelve: Leo, the Saver. Top player, Leo, actually claims that he has actually saved money since he began using the game. The amount of $5,000 that he has spent thus far is considered a small sum for him compared to other gaming habits and activities. He has revealed that he would often spend even more than this on a single night out.

Number Eleven: Liam Neeson’s Favorite. If we haven’t yet convinced you of the success and wild enthusiasm that Clash of Clans has received from fans, maybe you should ask Liam Neeson. He starred in an ad for the game, and this turned out to be the most-viewed ad during the 2015 Super Bowl.

Number Ten: The Top 10 Percent. While Clash of Clans has become an obsession for many, it is the top 10% of players that the company really pays out from. Almost half of their total annual revenue is gained from these top players.

Number Nine: All of the Users. To say that this games has become an obsession for many might just prove to be an understatement. In total, the mobile gaming app has accumulated a whopping 29 million active users, and is growing still. Stay tuned to read our part three article, where we reveal the top 8 facts they don’t tell you about Clash of Clans!

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