Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 3)

Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 3)

Clash of Clans: 23 Facts They Don’t Tell You (Part 3)

You have enjoyed discovering the first 15 facts they don’t tell you about Clash of Clans in our part one and part two articles, and now we will finally unveil the top eight facts you have been waiting eagerly for! Read on to discover some interesting factoids and everything that makes this trending game such a successful development!

Number Eight: To Make a Game. Despite Clash of Clans top-grossing status and ingenious design, it doesn’t take a whole lot of man-power to make the magic happen. Supercell directs the efforts of about 150 employees, yet only 15 of these workers are necessary to create and maintain the game. At first, there were only five developers who worked on Clash of Clans.

Number Seven: Only Six Months. Those five employees must have been miracle workers, as the game only took six months to develop and release. Although, that doesn’t stop Supercell from making continuous updates to meet modern demands.

Number Six: A Classic Concept. Although the game has remarkably taken flight, the concept isn’t unfamiliar to most gamers. In fact, Clash of Clans has adopted the gaming style and technique from other games, like StarCraft and Age of Empires. All they did was add a few personal touches.

Number Five: Making Some Friends. One reason in particular that this game took off is the socializing aspect they incorporated. Clan members were often reliant on inviting family and friends to play with one another, so word of mouth became a great asset to its user base.

Number Four: International Friends. In addition to family and friends, new acquaintances and allies can be made based on who is online and just happens to pass by. Because of this, people all over the world have been making a diverse set of online friends.

Number Three: Gaining a Level. Considering all the challenges to overcome in Clash of Clans, the feat of gaining a level proves to be one of the most difficult. Also, they only get harder to accomplish as the game progresses. Because of this, the most successful players reveal that their secret is starting first thing in the morning, to achieve maximum active game time.

Number Two: Getting Kind of Crazy. Because levelling up has proven to be such a challenge, many players opt for the easy route to gain their advantages. What we mean by this, is that they will start shelling out the cash just to gain levels. Sometimes, as much as $200 in a single day.

Number One: Japan was Late to the Party. Upon its initial launch, Clash of Clans made strides through China, America, and even Turkey. One location goal that seemed to be impossible to penetrate at the time however, was Japan. After joining with Gungo Ho, well-known Japanese gaming market, they were finally able to make some progress in advertising their game to the country. In turn for promoting Puzzles and Dragons, of course. Once ranked as the 98th top-seller in Japan’s app stores, Clash of Clans has recently been promoted to 11th place.

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