Cliff Richard: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Cliff Richard: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Cliff Richard: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know
Cliff Richard: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

If you don’t know who Cliff Richard is, now is the time to find out. The 75-year-old singer has sold an incredible amount of records and was one of the best-selling artists of his time. However, despite the fact that Richard has spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight and under the scrutiny of the public eye, there are still some things that many people don’t know. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 facts you probably didn’t know about Cliff Richard.

Number Fifteen: He Had 21 Top 40 Hits Before The Beatles Did Anything

It’s true! Before The Beatles really entered the scene, Richard had released an impressive 21 singles that made it to the Top 40 charts.

Number Fourteen: Cliff Richard Staged a Sing-Along

At Wimbledon in 1996, some rain had stopped the match play. In an effort to cheer everyone up, Richard staged a sing-along that lasted for six songs. Everyone was excited to join him in song.

Number Thirteen: He Is a Perfect Gentleman

Richard was very closed off about his personal relationships. He was rumored to be dating Sue Barker, and their possible relationship was highly publicized. However, he never revealed what really happened between them.

Number Twelve: He Was in Loved With Two Women

Though his relationship with Sue Barker was highly publicized, Richard also fell in love with a dancer named Jackie Irving. He met Irving in Blackpool, but he never ended up proposing to her. She ended up marrying the teen idol Adam Faith.

Number Eleven: He Is a Wine Connoisseur

Richard bought land in Portugal in the early 1990s, and he subsequently hired several wine experts to help him start a vineyard. He then proceeded to make and release a wine called Vida Nova.

Number Ten: He Rejected Elvis

Well, sort of. Richard turned down a photo shoot opportunity with The King because Elvis was past his prime, and Richard didn’t want a photo depicting Presley in that manner on his wall.

Number Nine: He Has Romantic Ties to Una Stubbs

Although the extent of their romance is quite unclear. All Richard has said about their relationship is that it was “not an ‘affair’ affair.” OK then.

Number Eight: He Has a Routine to Help Him Stay Young

For his 60th birthday, Richard took approximately 80 of his closest friends on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Some sources have said that he is able to stay young by only eating once a day and doing 50 push-ups every day as well.

Number Seven: He Is an Actor as Well

It’s true. Richard had a cameo in 1966’s film titled Thunderbirds Are Go. He reportedly got the gig because he was friends and neighbors with the creator of Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson.

Number Six: He Made the Worst Number One of All Time

Richard’s “Millenium Prayer” hit number one on the charts in late 1999. However, five years later, it was named the worst number one single of all time.

Number Five: He Is the Third-Top-Selling Singles Artist in U.K. Chart History

Richard is behind only The Beatles and Elvis Presley in terms of the top-selling singles artist in the U.K. charts. He has sold over 21 million singles in the U.K.

Number Four: Cliff Richard Had Number One Singles in the U.K. for Five Consecutive Decades

Richard is the only singer ever to have number one singles in the U.K. for five consecutive decades. He had number one singles from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Number Three: He is a Citizen of Barbados

Though Richard has been a citizen of the United Kingdom for most of his life. In 2010 he officially became a citizen of Barbados.

Number Two: He Is an Eternal Bachelor

In 1961, Richard wrote a letter to his then-paramour Delia Wicks that said, “Being a pop singer I have to give up one priceless thing – the right to any lasting relationship with any special girl.” He has never been married.

Number One: He Is Very Charitable

Richard has donated to many different charities, and he has reportedly given away at least one-tenth of his income to charity. He has said that he gives back because he believes the love of money is the root of all evil, and he wants to set an example of a good and responsible steward.

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