Clockwork Orchestra - The Generator Girls (Official Music Video)

Clockwork Orchestra – The Generator Girls

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The Generator Girls” by Clockwork Orchestra drops us into a funky, minimalistic world. The animation has a hand-drawn style to it that perfectly emphasizes the grungy feel of the music. It’s not your usual band setup; a windup monkey provides the drum beat, a praying mantis jams on the keyboard, and a flamingo plucks guitar strings with its beak. The animation then follows the lyrics word for word: we watch one girl as she fights oven flames and “burns the birthday cake,” and another girl as she suddenly scribbles lipstick all over herself and “makes a mess of a wedding dress.” When the earth turns into a skull and spins around, it really starts to feel like doodles out of a punk rocker’s composition book. And what’s more punk rock than a factory that builds cute, albeit glitchy, girls? That’s our next stop on this trip, and the manufacturing gets freakier with every beat.

Animation and Illustrations by Heiko Windisch

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