Club America feat. Da Deputy - All The Things I've Done (Official Music Video)

Club America feat. Da Deputy – All The Things I’ve Done

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In Club America’s music video for “All The Things I’ve Done,” everything has become an animated and feverishly yellow version of itself. The urgent rap, electronic minor melody, and the thick, play-dough-ish illustrations combine to create a soberer Simpsons mixed with fantastical scenes. The hero, deciding early on that he’s not going to stand for anonymity, walks down a banquet table, kicking out plates of money from underneath hulking, greedy caricatures. From there, it’s a free fall into an eerie cartoon you can’t pull your eyes away from.

Legs with camel feet sprout from guitars and carry musicians away. Drums turn into monkeys that launch into the sky to choke clouds. Yellow flowers with mouths sprout from a smashed guitar to sing the chorus: “I’ve got no regrets coz it’s all over now.” A puff of the guitarist’s cigarette smoke forms the words, “No regrets.” As the three bandmates run down the road into the end of the show, the pixelated ending eventually completely hides them, like an old TV screen with too much static.

Created, animated and produced by Daniel Bruson
All drawings and characters created by Daniel Bruson
Director | Screenplay | Animation | Editor – Daniel Bruson
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Felipe Colenci

Album To Get There on iTunes:

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