CNET: 6 Facts You Didn't Know About The Website

CNET: 6 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Website

CNET: 6 Facts You Didn't Know About The Website

CNET has been a trusted source for technology news and reviews for more than two decades. Since its launch in 1994, it has evolved from various television programs to a website hub that includes unbiased written content, videos and podcasts all surrounding the world of consumer electronics and geek culture. It is currently the most-read technology site on the web and ranks among the top 200 most visited sites globally. Here are six facts you didn’t know about CNET.

Number Six: Ryan Seacrest Got His Start at CNET

Ryan Seacrest has been everywhere over the last 15 years. Between American Idol, his syndicated radio shows and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, his presence saturates American television. However, it all started at CNET in the late 1990s. When they were first airing programs on Sci Fi Channel and USA Network, he hosted the show, The New Edge, and voiced a few TV spots.

Number Five: They Used to Have a Radio Station

For two years, CNET had their own radio station through Clear Channel Communications, now iHeartRadio, in the San Francisco and Boston markets, as well as on XM Satellite Radio. Due to a lack of funds, the station ceased to broadcast in 2003.

Number Four: There are Certain Things CNET Cannot Review

CNET is owned by CBS Interactive, so it makes sense that any problem CBS is having with a company will affect their other ventures. This ended up being true for two companies in particular, DISH Network and Aereo, who were in the midst of litigation with CBS. It is because of an incident at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Expo concerning this conflict of interest that the site lost their ability to name the event’s “Best of Show” winner.

Number Three: They Help Retailers with Their Online Businesses

CNET is best known for their technology news and reviews website, but they are also in the business of helping other businesses. Through their content solutions division, they provide retailers and manufacturers with technologies that standardize data, help customers find products, manage content and control the overall sales cycle.

Number Two: They Have a Magazine Too

Not only is CNET a website, it’s also a magazine. The magazine is published four times a year and features more in-depth stories from the site’s writers and photographers.

Number One: They Maintain a Leaderboard of the Hottest Products

You already know that CNET attempts to give unbiased reviews of the latest tech gadgets. However, the site goes one step further and created an entire page dedicated to ranking the hottest products of the month. It is called CNET 100 and is marketed as a “one-of-a-kind leaderboard” that keeps track of the best electronics products out there. Thank you for reading our list of six facts you didn’t know about CNET. We hope you enjoyed it!

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