Cody Simpson: 'Flowers' Single Review

Cody Simpson: ‘Flower’ Single Review

Cody Simpson released his single “Flower” last year, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now, before you listen to the song I should warn you; this is not what you would expect from Cody Simpson. I guarantee you‘ll be just as surprised as I was when you listen to “Flower.” I’ll admit, I was a bit prejudice when I was told to listen to this song, but I am proud to say my ears were pleasantly surprised and I definitely pressed repeat by the end of the song. This was Cody’s first indie release, and in my opinion, is the perfect introduction into this genre. 

Finally a free man, Cody Simpson is venturing into his album as an independent artist. Prior to “Flower” being released, Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber collaborated on “Home to Mama” and were expected to release a duets album later this year. That idea was put on the back-burner while Cody focused on the release of his album Free.  

“Flower” is a track reminiscent to something Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz might release; being a fan of both of those artists I can attest that this is a major compliment. The song has a beach-y and summer-y vibe that you can’t help but relax to. Don’t let the acoustic guitar fool you though; by the time you hear the electric guitar solo, you’ll be convinced Cody is putting his all into this new musical adventure. 

Apart from the amazing musicianship behind the song, “Flower” is also extremely relatable. A subject you may be familiar with: unrequited love is highlighted in this easy-breezy song. We can all think back to a time when we felt helpless because the person we yearned for wasn’t even aware of our existence; “I know I’ll never be the apple of your eye/But I pick you a flower if you like” (or am I the only one that can relate?) A feeling of nostalgia hits when listening to “Roses are red, violets are blue/But it is true I’d be through if I don’t have you.” So is there a special someone that you have your eye on but they may not even be aware that you exist? Lucky you, I just found the perfect song for you to dedicate to them. 

I don’t know about you but I am extremely excited about this journey Cody Simpson is independently taking. His album Free was released this past summer. What are you waiting for? GO! Download “Flower” on iTunes now!

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