Coffee Or Not - City Burning (Official Music Video)

Coffee Or Not – City Burning

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The video for “City Burning” by Coffee Or Not shows a very dark view of a city, as you peer into the struggled lives of a homeless man and a businesswoman. With drained colors and somber music, the video aligns the two characters’ struggles in an interesting way. You follow the woman through her day as she gets screamed at in meetings, cries in the bathroom, and has papers thrown in her face. Between these scenes, you see the man struggling to stay warm and survive on the streets. The message seems to be that the city is destroying both of them in some way, even though she is both figuratively and literally at the top of the city in her skyscraper office, and he is at the bottom. In the end of the video, the two find each other. They begin taking off their clothes and embracing as the city crumbles behind them, showing how we are all just humans when everything else is stripped away.

Music by Coffee Or Not
Written and Directed by Hadrien Touret
Label – Purple K Records
Director of Photography – Emilie Guéret
Assisted by Robin Montrau and Lara Laigneau
Production Manager and Coordinator – Soho Grant
Production Assistant – Renaud Versteegen
Assisted by Marie-Emmanuelle Plasman
Script Supervisor – Bénédicte Le LayKey
Make-Up Artist – Alexandra Resmerita
Film Editor – Hadrien Touret
Special Effects Supervisor – Thomas Bernard
Colour Grading Supervisor – Nathalie Redard
Actors – Frédéric Evrard, Véronique Perrault, Marc De Roy, Didier Deroissart, Alexandre Moens
Background Cast – Justine Attard, Olivia Baumann, Quang Huy Chu, Fabrice Czubok, Tomas Deceuleneer, Chantal Declercq, Maxime Dropsy, Gaetan Ferrera, Nathalie Lenoir, Nadine Lebrun, Gaborné Monori, Caroline Patoux, Stéphane Rimbert, Alexandra Shehtova, Daniel Thielemans, Elena Troianovskaia, Marianne Vander Eecken, Damiano Zerillo


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