Coffee or Not - Dear Moon (Official Music Video)

Coffee or Not – Dear Moon

The video for “Dear Moon” by Coffee or Not is completely stop motion, and because of it is very interesting. It starts off with two flowers growing, and the blossoms, which look like clouds, laying on the ground, when someone climbs out of one of them. He then helps a girl out of the other cloud blossom, and together they go on a journey through what looks like it is supposed to be a field or a sparse jungle. Eventually they come across a city, which they enter and travel across. It’s very interesting to watch the world build and disassemble itself as this video goes on; it seems like it is almost constantly in motion, with things growing out of the ground like a telephone booth that one of them has to dodge. Eventually they get into a plane that they take flying, and ominous dark clouds start bothering them – not exactly attacking them, but trying to push and pull them places and generally seem to make them uncomfortable until they escape. A beautiful journey video with some really interesting looking stop motion.

Directed by Pikaboo – Michèle Jacob & Gwendoline Baye:
Music by Coffee or Not:
Making of:
Thanks to:
Soho Grant & Renaud Versteegen
Frédéric Deroisy ( )
Christele Agnello
Yannick Dolivo
Colin Lévèque
Sébastien Richard
Nora Juncker
Françoise Theys
Laurent Disty
Mortimer Pètre
Julie Carlier
Quentin Govaerts
Ghinzu … The sleeping dog

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