Cold Mailman - My Recurring Dream (Official Music Video)

Cold Mailman – My Recurring Dream

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Cold Mailman’s music video for “My Recurring Dream” carries you straight through a long series of rooms and scenes. Starting in the dim blue light of a hospital, you are pulled past struggling patients in beds and into a brighter room where excited children pour through a door. A doctor swivels a decorated partition around and you are thrust into a photograph of a girl on a dock. The clip is played backwards, and fireworks folds into themselves as she magically yanks a man out of the water without touching him. The camera zooms into a spiral staircase on his tee shirt, and you’re suddenly there, following someone as they wander downstairs. The next transition pulls you into a TV and onto a train, where a woman in a yellow dress twirls seductively down the aisles and then closes a door in your face. The next scene depicts piles of cars in a junkyard, which suddenly come to life and blast you with their headlights. People sit somberly in the cars going nowhere, but you keep moving along, zooming through dozens of other captivating scenes.

Director – André Chocron
Producer – Andrea Ottmar
In association with Norsk Filminstitutt & Fond for lyd og bilde
Co-producer – Motion Blur / Espen Horn
Executive Producer – Ravn Wikhaug
Director of Photography – Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs
Production Design – Kaja Raastad
Production Manager – Martin Alslie
Coordinator – Marte Øslebø Knutsen
First Assistant Director – Karoline Husjord / Lars Klevberg
Digital Technician/First Assistant Camera – Lasse Selvli
First Assistant Camera – August Sanengen
Gaffer – Benjamin Mosli, Stian Thilert, Jon-André Hakvåg, Christian Koblizek, Haakon Laastad, Daniel Atkinson, Chris Karlstad
Steadicam Operator – Stian Olberg
Grip – Erling Andreasen, Andreas Nesse, Jim Nielsen, Christian Hermstad, Morten Magnussen
Make Up Artist – Christine Varden, Rita Dalsbø, Kajin Ali
Costume – Vilde Søyland, Nell Knudsen, Ida Rydeng
SFX – Fiksern/Gunnar Brøntveit
Underwater Photography – Amund Lie
Production Assistants – Aurora Ottmar, Erik Bergamini, Pernille Egebjerg, Oda Svendsby, Elisabeth Skatvedt, Helene Linnea Kvale, Karl Tjensvoll, Even Garvang, Karoline Sletteng, Henrik Zwart
Post Production Producer – Espen Skjetne / Shortcut Norge
Colorist – Julien Alary / Shortcut Norge
VFX – Mads Hornsletten / Øyedrops
Thanks to – ALL extras, Åse Meyer, Ingrid Festøy Ottesen, Raymond Gangstad, Joel Bringmark, Khalid Maimouni, Thomas Lund, Morten Nielsen, Anne Sandberg, Drammensbadet, Ullevål Sykehus, Huseby skole, Krøderbanen, Fet lakk og karosseri, Kjetil Astrup, Terje Røkke, Morten Magnussen, Lukasz Durlej, Morten Skallerud, Anne Berentsen, Tom Ottmar, David Chocron, Emilie Christensen

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