Cold War Kids Drop New Single 'All This Could Be Yours'

Cold War Kids Drop New Single ‘All This Could Be Yours’

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Cold War Kids just premiered their energetic new single ‘All This Could Be Yours’ today via Soundcloud. The song breaks open with a bouncy piano reminiscent of a Coldplay or Gemini Club tune, paired with a solid thumping percussions courtesy of drummer Matt Averio. (Listen here.)

It features all the signature elements of a Cold War Kids song- the band hasn’t experimented much with their soul-punk formula thus far. All of the elements are there: from the Nathan Willet’s yelling, vibrato vocals to the jilted guitar solos and classic CWK tambourine. The single isn’t particularly unique or awe-inspiring, especially compared to the band’s previous releases, but it does offer a catchy tune that easily translates into commercial success or an amped driving song.

If the tune sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung just picked up the single to feature in a new commercial campaign for Milk Music, their new music streaming service. While a music video isn’t out yet, you’ll be sure to hear ‘All This Could Be Yours’ playing frequently alongside song clips of songs by Iggy Azealia, Charlie XCX, Childish Gambino, and Chromeo. For a quick glimspe of Cold War Kids in the Milk commercials, check out the current video here.

The band recently announced their 5th studio album, still untitled, due in November of this year. Cold War Kids will perform at several festivals this summer, including Center of the Universe Festival in Tulsa, Ohio; Sonic Boom Festival in Canada, the Denver Chive Fest, and Utopiafest in Texas. They also have big plans for a headlining U.S. tour in the fall. A UK tour may be coming up as well, along with more details on their latest album.

In the meantime, you can listen to their new single on Soundcloud and buy it on on iTunes.

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