Colin Cowan and The Elastic Stars - Whispers to Rockefeller (Official Music Video)

Colin Cowan and The Elastic Stars – Whispers to Rockefeller

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In the music video for “Whispers to Rockefeller” by Colin Cowan and The Elastic Stars, we get a peek into the life of someone who is trying to recover from a recent breakup. This video is unique in that it addresses gender fluidity in the best way possible: by not addressing it. As we watch the individual apply makeup, pick out clothes, and put on a brave face to get through the day, it just seems like an ordinary scene in someone’s life. Which is exactly what it should be. The fact that we do not know their gender or orientation is perfect, because it is irrelevant to the story. The story is about the pain of getting your heart broken and trying to move forward with your life. As the mellow song bounces steadily along, we see the main character go through many stages of grief. As they start off cheerful and gradually break down into bitter anger, the raw emotion is relatable to anyone who has loved and lost.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Anthem Jackson
Starring Paul Anthony, Cameron Macleod, Ariel Ladret, Robyn Thomas, Kallie Jean Sorenson
Cinematography by Peter Hadfield
Camera Assistant Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Makeup by Larissa Boland
Special Thanks – Hairkraft Studio and Blanche MacDonald
Eye of Winter to be released on vinyl and for the public on November 28th, 2014


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