Colonoscopy: 15 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Colonoscopy: 15 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Colonoscopy: 15 Interesting Facts You Should Know

When people turn 50, it’s normal and advised to go to the doctor’s and get a colonoscopy. It’s a relatively minor procedure that everyone should do. Here are some facts about it that most people should know.

Number Fifteen: African-Americans Need to Do it Sooner

Colonoscopy is the procedure which doctors use to test of a patient may have colon cancer, and since African Americans are more likely to get said disease, it’s important for them to have the procedure done sooner. The recommended age for African Americans to have a colonoscopy is 45.

Number Fourteen: It Saves Lives

A colonoscopy can truly be a lifesaver since it can detect any abnormalities way before they can become life threatening. Colon cancer becomes amazingly easy to prevent, especially with the aid of colonoscopy.

Number Thirteen: They’re Not Always Performed by Gastroenterologists

For the most part, colonoscopies are performed by gastroenterologists, but sometimes, they’re done by rectal and/or colon surgeons. Statistics have suggested that these people do these things when there might be more severe colon cases.

Number Twelve: You Can Request a Certain Laxative for Prep

A colonoscopy requires a person to prep their bodies for the surgery, which often includes having a clear liquid for two days and drinking laxatives. When the doctor gives the laxatives, they’ll usually prescribe one kind, but clients can ask for another kind as well if it better suits their preferences, which is something that many people don’t know.

Number Eleven: It Doesn’t Take a Long Time

Going in to have a medical procedure can always sound like it’s a big deal, but a colonoscopy isn’t one at all. In fact, the whole thing takes less than an hour to complete, which, considering the fact that the doctors are looking inside one’s colon, is amazing.

Number Ten: You Can Get a Colonoscopy Via X-Ray

Although most procedures are done through a camera and flexible probe, people can also get a colonoscopy via an X-Ray as well. You have to inquire about it, however, because not everyone can be a candidate for it.

Number Nine: Polyps Can Be Removed Without Making Any Incisions

Polyps are sometimes found during the procedure and can be easily removed. Since many things can only be removed while under the knife, it’s pretty fascinating to learn that one doesn’t need to for this type of removal.

Number Eight: The Inner Lining Has to be Checked First

When doctors perform a colonoscopy, it’s most prudent for them to check the inner lining of the colon first. This is because cancerous cells tend to grow there.

Number Seven: If You Bleed, Get a Colonoscopy

When someone bleeds out of the anus, it may be a sign of colon cancer. Still, it may not be too late to get the procedure and get rid of the cancerous cells. On average, colon cancer takes around 10 years at least to develop.

Number Six: It’s Usually Safe

The colonoscopy is a usually safe procedure, but there still are risks. Sometimes, however, a client’s colon may become perforated, after which they will need to be rushed to the emergency room.

Number Five: In Some Places, You Need to Do a Fecal Test

In some regions of the world, a colonoscopy cannot just be performed. First, the individual has to go through a fecal test. If doctors find symptoms of possible cancers, then they would do a colonoscopy.

Number Four: If You Have Office Visits, It Can Add Up

Doctors may suggest to a client that they should attend office visits to discuss the colonoscopy at hand, which is a good thing, but they’ve been proven to add up, monetarily speaking. Office visits can add a good 40 dollars or more for each colonoscopy procedure.

Number Three: Stay Near The Bathroom

Up to the time when one has their colonoscopy, it’s important to stay near the bathroom as much as possible. This is because, due to the laxatives and liquid diets, there’s a lot of excreting involved.

Number Two: Eat Lightly Beforehand

Most people don’t consider the prep for undergoing a colonoscopy to be a lot of fun, but there are ways to improve the situation. Eating less at first will ensure that less food will need to be purged later during the laxative stage.

Number One: You Don’t Have to Be Sedated

Even though the procedure is usually done when the patient is sedated, it isn’t necessary. This is quite important to know for those who may be allergic to the drugs so that they can request to have the procedure done without the sedative drugs. Thanks for reading!

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