Colonoscopy: Top 5 Things to Consider Beforehand

Colonoscopy: Top 5 Things to Consider Beforehand

Colonoscopy: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 1)
Colonoscopy: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 1)

A colonoscopy is a procedure performed by a medical professional which allows them to get a look at the inner-workings of your large intestine. The doctor will use a tube to take a close look at your colon and check for ulcers, tumors, or any unusual signs of inflammation. Is this procedure what it seems? Let’s look at some things to consider before opting to have this test done.

Number Five: A Colonoscopy Costs a Lot

Due to the middle man of insurnace, a lot of us aren’t even aware of how much medical care really costs. They can cost over $4,000 in some cities (like Seattle) and upwards of $8,000 in others, like New York City!

Number Four: It Matters Where You Get the Test Done

The beneficial factors of a colonoscopy depend highly upon where you get the screening done. According to statistics, Family doctors are a lot more likely to miss cancer. If you decide to get this test done, go to a qualified gastroenterologist.

Number Three: It’s a Risky Procedure

There are some risks involved in a colonoscopy. These include, but are not limited to perforations in your colon. It’s also a lot more dangerous the older you get.

Number Two: Consider Skipping the Anesthesia

Apparently, it’s becoming more and more common for people to receive anesthesia for their colonoscopies. This is because it sleeps up the process and allows them to perform more tests each day (which means more money of course), but this isn’t something you want your doctor rushing through, so maybe choosing not to undergo anesthesia is best.

Number One: It May Not Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risks

It’s not known for certain that receiving this test will protect you from cancer of the colon. In fact, no one even knows whether a colonoscopy reduces colorectal cancer deaths! The procedure has a tendency to miss many diseases and signs of cancer in the large intestine parts, so keep this in mind if you opt to get one done. We hope you found our article educational and that you learned a thing or two by reading it. Thanks for reading our list!

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