A Colorful Case of "Sunstroke" with Soul-Pop Singer Fabienne

A Colorful Case of “Sunstroke” with Soul-Pop Singer Fabienne

A Colorful Case of Sunstroke with Soul-Pop Singer FabienneCourtesy of facebook.com

Fabienne is a London-based singer/song-writer who’s still coasting off of her City of Shadows EP. Just a few days ago, she released a video for single “Sunstroke,” a sunny, colorful, 80s-inspired cut from her latest EP. Watch it here.

We’re not sure how long the hype from the poppy video will last, but we do know that “Sunstroke” is a perfect soundtrack for the rest of August. Upbeat trumpets, soulful and effortless vocals, and summery hooks will easily carry you over into September. The video is all green screen background, roller-blades, and 80s get-ups. Cheesy? Absolutely. But it puts singer Fabienne at the forefront of every shot, and she’s having such a good time you can’t help but bob your head along and envision her playing a part in the film Clueless. Although the video is 80s, the sound is definitely 90s-inspired. Fabienne’s “sunstroke” could easily be mistaken for a pure pop record, but her voice has a raw soul-blues quality to it that speaks of a long-term relationship with soul and blues records. Fabienne says of her influencers: “When I’m in the studio I still always listen to those artists like Aretha and Otis, that raw soulfulness in music is the main reason I ever wanted to sing. But I look at others like Kanye and Janelle Monáe and they are just as important, I rate that they make music that’s forward facing, a new classic.” It’s this appreciation of old and new that makes Fabienne’s music worth listening to.

Fabienne released her debut EP, City of Shadows through Super Recordings (also home to UK stars AlunaGeorge and Bondax) on March 24th this year. The City of Shadows EP is a vibrant testament to old-school, poppy R&B. Fabienne’s voice is jazzy and soulful, the slow-building choruses evoke 90s R&B and pop. “City of Shadows” takes on the age old struggle of making it in the City. Fabienne’s voice, coupled with late night-piano riffs and trumpets, is lighter than comparable singers like Amy Winehouse or Jazmin Sullivan. her style in general is more hopeful and breezy than we would expect from a soul-pop album.

“Sunstroke” is sunny, poppy, and easily molds into an end-of-summer jam, the kind that you’d expect at a colorful beach or cheesy shopping montage. It’ll help you forget that New York is a veritable steam bath of humidity during these last weeks of August, and jazzy beats will keep you bumping with 80s moves until you move on to your next retro-inspired musical phase.

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